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At Tivi, we develop software and provide telecommunications services. Downloading and using our software products remains free. We charge only for premium services, like calling landline phones.

This is the principal product of It is (and will always remain) free to download and use. The same product can be used both for free PC-to-PC calls and for accessing Tivi's premium services.

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Tivi Phone and the rest of our programs have been designed by professional programmers and telecommunications experts. Feel free to download and test it out.

Notably, Tivi Phone is ad-free. Nor does it interfere with the functioning of your computer. It does only what you've told it to do: call other PCs or real telephones, mobile as well as fixed lines.

We recommend using the latest versions of Tivi software. First, performance will be improved. Second, it might have slightly new looks while the basic functions, controls and layout you're used to remain essentially the same.

If you're new to internet telephony, our section with FAQs.