VoIP with real telephone number: EUR 0,70 per month

As a licensed telecommunications company in Latvia, Tivi has secured a numbering range for its customers in the domestic numbering space between 67881001 and 67881999. Once you've become a registered user of Tivi, you are just seconds away from receiving calls to your real phone number: you can subscribe to a Tivi number via the self-service page.

Save on those rates

Tivi helps you to save on telephone costs: calling another Tivi user is free of charge, while people calling your Tivi number from other networks will usually pay no more than the average rate per minute for calling a landline in Riga, Latvia.

Moreover, our subscribers are offered inexpensive outgoing calls (see our international calling rates), and VoIP e-fax service. Last but not the least - Tivi phone numbers are roaming-enabled because you can log on to Tivi for making and receiving telephone calls on any computer that has an internet connection.

IM and voice application

Tivi's integrated chat and internet telephone freeware can be downloaded and used even without registering, but then you will have to call by the destination computer's IP address. The advantages of having a Tivi username are: maintaining your identity and presence online; not getting your communications obstructed by an NAT (a kind of network firewall).

In the coming months

Tivi is going to open and distribute further solutions: a GPRS client software, a VoIP answering machine with voicemail and web callback. These features too will incorporate subscription to Tivi's real numbers.

About Tivi

Tivi Phone quick-start guide is here and technical topics are covered in our VoIP FAQ pages.
Technical help desk of Tivi: +371 6 7881 001.

In text mode, you can request help via the web form.